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We are an enthusiastic collection of Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologists.

We can’t wait to help you grow and develop as a mover!

Matt Heavyside Profile Photo

Matt Heavyside

With over a decade of experience in the physiotherapy biz, Matt knows a thing or two about movement health. His mission is to bring movement to the forefront of the health industry.

For too long we have been reactive, and not using enough movement in rehabilitation. He wants to bring that to an end and take action before our bodies are broken.

Matt loves surfing and anything adventure. Playing with his kids is now his favourite way to move and stay active.

Ultimate dream. To help everybody through MOTUM.

Tahlia Wall

Tahlia Wall

Tahlia is a physiotherapist and lover of all things movement! She knows what it feels like to have a ‘broken body’, after being in a cycle of chronic pain for several years. It wasn’t until she started her own movement journey that she understood how her body was designed to move and how good it could feel.

Teaching MOTUM is the perfect way to share this knowledge with others so they can experience the same success.

Tahlia believes that – the ability to move freely in your body can change your life!

Amy Colbert

Amy Colbert

As a Physiotherapist and dancer, movement means everything to Amy.

She’s a super bendy human and MOTUM has matched this flexibility with strength and stability to create a body that is resilient and pain-free (most of the time!).

With a passion for helping people to set and achieve their own movement goals, she inspires our community every day to move better.

Amy loves how versatile MOTUM is and helping her patients MOVE and FEEL better.

Natalie Gibbs

Natalie Gibbs

Nat loves being a physiotherapist and is passionate about women’s health and using MOTUM to help pre and postpartum mums.

Before Physio Smart, Nat taught Yoga and Clinical Pilates. She believes that movement is the key to healthy living and MOTUM has the power to change lives. MOTUM gives Nat the opportunity to move in ways that don’t naturally pop up in her everyday life, work or sport. She can’t wait to share these benefits with you.

Nat’s favourite part of teaching MOTUM – helping people achieve their movement goals.

Liana Najjar

Liana is an exercise Physiologist who is a big believer in prioritising our prosperity to MOVE! With a deep understanding of how the body works, she has a passion for helping people with any health condition to get more movement in their lives.

From student to master, Liana used MOTUM to benefit her own movement journey with chronic health hurdles, now teaching using her first-hand experience to support those facing similar challenges to Move Better.

Liana’s favourite part of teaching MOTUM is witnessing the transformative ‘uh huh’ moments when individuals achieve their movement goals.

Adriana Coscia

Adriana enjoys working closely with her clients to create exercise programs tailored to their individual needs and goals. Her main aim is to make exercise fun and enjoy moving as they learn about their bodies. Adriana loves working with anyone at any stage of life, assisting them with movements inside and outside of the gym. She has experience and passion for working with people as they age, pre and post natal, osteoporosis, and osteoarthritis.

Rachel Hutchings

Rachel is a passionate Physiotherapist and views physical health as a critical foundation for overall wellbeing. It is important to have a healthy physical foundation to be able to achieve other life goals and enjoy your life to the fullest.

If you want to break free from the cycle of pain and unlock your body Rachel can help you. One of very few credentialed Watson Headache and Migraine therapists, her areas of expertise include headaches and migraines, vertigo and vestibular rehabilitation, neck and spinal pain, advanced dry needling and Pilates based rehab.