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    Build strength, flexibility and stability fast with our guided movement videos you can do anywhere, anytime.

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    The hard work is done for you. Each week is carefully designed by our Physiotherapists to get your whole body moving. It’s time to get healthy, bendy and happy

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    Pick and choose what you want to work on. Stiff neck? We have a MOTUM snack for that. With over 200+ videos in ‘The Bank’ and unlimited access to our transformational movement programs, you’re covered from head to toe. 

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It only takes 10 mins a day

MOTUM is natural ground based mobility training designed to help you break free from tension and tightness fast. Think Physio exercises but way more fun.

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  • The flexible way to start your movement journey. Discover how your body was meant to move.

Got more than 10 minutes to spare?

Membership includes instant access to exclusive programs full of 10 to 30-minute movement classes. Or simply dive into 2 or 3 snacks in a row like Fiona.

Fiona Cui
Fiona CuiMOTUM Member
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“I felt like I had so many niggles in my body today and I didn't feel like doing a class with one focus, so instead, I did a big ol' bunch of movement snacks. I loved how easy to follow they were and how quick it was to feel THAT much better. A quick toe touch, t-rotation, foot mobility, sissy squat, neck and shoulder and hip mobility all in 30 minutes. Chef's kiss”


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What our members say

Sadie Gent
Sadie GentMOTUM Member
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I chose to complete the program because I follow you guys on Insta and love the little videos and challenges you've shared but the location of your in-clinic classes isn't ideal. This was a way I could give it a go without the travel commitment.
Liz Fong
Liz FongMOTUM Member
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"Loving the online program and being able to flow through the new combos you've come up with. You have really created such a great program and the knowledge and instructions you both give throughout the demos set MOTUM on a whole other level. You really can tell it's run by Physios and experts who understand human movement.”
Rachel Heysen
Rachel HeysenMOTUM Member
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"LOVING MOTUM so far (despite having sore abs for 3 days last week from the first class 😂). I did MOTUM rotations in the morning before tennis finals on Saturday and found it allowed me to level up x10 and get way more power through the ball because I had so much more mobility! I can't thank you enough for this epic program.”
Marina Wood
Marina WoodMOTUM Member
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"MOTUM has become part of my everyday life. It has helped my ageing body in ways that I didn’t think were possible. I love the way the instructors are so passionate and want to help us get the most out of our bodies. Now I can get into a squat with ease.”
Eloise Meulen
Eloise MeulenMOTUM Member
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"I LOVE LOVE LOVE the MOTUM online classes. I love the way the movements are clearly demonstrated and explained, with regressions/ progressions and what you should feel. Love the way these classes promote and encourage movement! My heart is bursting. Seriously how good is movement!”


If you want to take control of your movement health and need a quick way to get more nourishing movement into your day, the MOTUM Online Membership is the best gift you can give yourself. The quick 10 minute movement snacks will help you break free from your sedentary lifestyle and give you full freedom of movement fast without stretching for hours. Seriously, this is 100 times better than static stretching. The stability and strength you will develop will help you get more out of your workout. Membership includes access to all of our transformational movement programs including the Body Reset which has helped hundreds of people to move better.

Your account will be automatically debited at your renewal period of your selected membership level (every month, 6 months or 12 months). Your first 7 days are FREE so if you don’t love it in the first week, simply cancel before your first payment. No lock ins. You are in complete control of your membership. Cancel any time.

Each movement snack is only 10 minutes. To keep things fresh and fun, we’ll give you a 15-20 minute option every now and then.

The bank contains all of the best snacks from previous weeks. Categorised by different parts of the body like ‘neck and back’, ‘hips and squats’ and fun themes like ‘break free from your desk’ and ‘pre workout warm up’. Use the filter to find the perfect video for you. We’ve done the hard work so you can find exactly what you need when you want it.

You have full control. Complete the recommended snacks every week to develop your optimal range of movement or dive into the bank or a targeted movement program to level up your development. If you have more than 10 minutes to spare, tackle several snacks in a row and devour a full mobility meal.

Nope. Your MOTUM Online Membership content is delivered 100% online. You can watch the videos from the comfort of your own home whenever it suits you.

Done! We categorise every video into an area of focus so if you want to improve that squat, we have a whole folder of snacks ready for you.

Does MOTUM really work?

MOTUM will get you out of the cycle of pain. Discover everything your body was meant to do and the pure joy that creates in your life.

Janine Messenger
Janine MessengerMOTUM Member
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“I am just so thankful to MOTUM for setting me on the right path. I thought I was doomed to be a cripple like my father who has had metal pins in his toes to straighten them! I do at least one to three MOTUM snacks every day. I spend most of my time at home barefoot and sit in a deep squat and do small flows at work when I can. My permanent ache between my shoulder blades and upper back has gone…. You guys are miracle workers….. Thank you SO much 💕”

Mackenzie's Movement Journey

Meet Mackenzie, she’s an Exercise Physiologist who loves running but suffers from ITB Syndrome on both knees. Mackenzie completed the Body Reset Program which is available with all membership levels, to improve her running technique and prevent long-term injuries.

Now she has better hip and knee stability, core strength and posture which helps her run better and makes her feel great every single day.

Mackenzie loves MOTUM because:

  • It’s super easy to use
  • You get support from qualified Physios
  • It’s easy to fit into your week
  • You feel part of the community as if you were face to face.

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