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What is MOTUM?

MOTUM is a unique program created by physiotherapists and is designed to help you move with complete freedom.

  1. Reset

    Begin by regaining mobility and flexibility on the ground.

  2. Restore

    Master the art of your natural movement patterns and relearn muscle sequencing, activation and motor control all the way up to standing.

  3. Rebuild

    Level up by building strength, power and control to unlock your movement potential.

The result? A body that moves better, feels better and can tackle anything you want – in a way we were designed to.

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Your MOTUM Physiotherapists

Matt Heavyside Profile Photo

Matthew Heavyside

With 12 years in the physiotherapy biz, Matt knows a thing or two about movement health. His mission is to bring movement to the forefront of the health industry.

For too long we have been reactive, and not using enough movement in rehabilitation. He wants to bring that to an end and take action before our bodies are broken.

Matt loves surfing and anything adventure. Playing with his kids is now his favourite way to move and stay active.

Ultimate dream. To help everybody through MOTUM.

Tahlia Wall

Tahlia Wall

Tahlia is a physiotherapist and lover of all things movement! She knows what it feels like to have a 'broken body', after being in a cycle of chronic pain for several years. It wasn’t until she started her own movement journey that she understood how her body was designed to move and how good it could feel.

Teaching MOTUM is the perfect way to share this knowledge with others so they can experience the same success.

Tahlia believes that – the ability to move freely in your body can change your life!


Is your body tight, in pain or just letting you down? Do you experience stiffness in your body when you move? Do you avoid certain activities because of the discomfort they cause? Do you simply want to get more out of your workouts? Whether you’re an athlete, work out regularly or struggling to move every day, MOTUM Online will help you level up your performance and help you move better. If you want to build strength and flexibility, reduce stiffness and pain and unlock your full potential, this program will get you there. No matter where you are on the starting line, we will help you smash your movement goals.

To complete the 12 week online program, you will need:

  • A Slider (or a plastic container lid to slide on carpet or you can wear a sock to slide on tiles/floor boards)
  • A Kettlebell/Weight (from 4kg up to 12kg)
  • Theraband resistance loop

Don’t worry you still have some time to get organised. You won’t need these items until you commence Week 3 of the program. If you live in Adelaide, South Australia – these items can be purchased at our Physio Smart clinic. Please call (08) 8363 6370 to arrange this.

Every week you will enjoy 2 movement classes and 2-3 movement snacks you can nibble on between classes. Allow 30 minutes for each class and 5-10 minutes for the snacks.

We specifically designed the MOTUM online program to develop your technique and build your foundations before moving on to more difficult patterns. So, you will work through each class and snack in order to unlock the next movement challenge.

Don’t worry, you can go back and revisit the content and repeat the classes you loved as often as you like within your 4-month access period. That’s right, you get a full extra month of access after the 12 weeks so you can catch up or level up.

MOTUM online is not designed to fix your injury. Book into Physio Smart today or seek medical or health professional advice to treat your injury before you start the program.

You are not intended to feel pain during MOTUM classes. Everyone’s movement journey is different and our physiotherapists will guide you through to modify the movements to keep your body safe and get the best results for your baseline movement.

Foundations classes focus on mastering the fundamentals of movement. These classes cover the mobility, strength, and patterning requirements needed to take your movement to the next level. You will unlock the secrets to muscle activation, true core strength, and healthy moving joints. Recommended for those who scored up to 22 on the MOTUM Grading.

Movement 1.0 classes will make your entire body move as a system, rather than its individual parts. Movement 1.0 is designed to push your body by having you explore challenging sequences and movement flows. Recommended for those who scored 23+ on the Motum Grading.

There is the option to repeat ‘Foundations of Movement’ 6 weeks TWICE to make up your 12 weeks – if you do not feel ready to move onto ‘Movement 1.0’.

Our 12-week MOTUM program is 100% online. You can complete the program from the safety of your own home and connect with our private Facebook Group for support and inspiration.

At the start of the program, we will guide you through the process of filming your baseline movement so you can set your very own movement goals and assess your movement progress. If you want the most accurate results you can book a movement grading in our Physio Smart practice or via telehealth.

We will guide you through to record your baseline movement at the start of the program and again at the end of the 12 weeks. You will submit your videos through to us so we can assess your results. You also get a downloadable template so you can set your very own movement goals throughout the program.

You will begin by regaining mobility and flexibility throughout your body. By mastering the art of movement on the ground, you will then relearn muscle sequencing, activation and motor control all the way up to standing again. In your final weeks you will add load through your tissues to build on your strength, power and control.

We have 4 styles of classes that cover a variety of movement patterns. Each of these four classes have 2 intensity levels: Foundations (beginner) and Movement 1.0 (intermediate-advanced).

CORE BRACE: focusing on abdominal strength and activation, pelvic control.

ROTATION: master whole body rotation and shoulder stability.

CORE BEND AND EXTEND: regain spinal control, ab and glute activation & hamstring/hip flexor flexibility.

SQUATS AND HOPS: unlock your deep squat (strengthening & mobilising your ankles, knees, hips)

MOTUM online is the perfect tool to help you level up your in-clinic practice and help you smash your movement goals.

Without a doubt. We can’t wait to have an absolute blast moving with you.

Yes we do MOTUM merch. You can add our custom T’shirt to your MOTUM online order or head here to get yours now. Hang tight, when your order is confirmed we will be in contact with you to confirm your fit preference, size and postage address.